WEEK – 1 (Preparatory week)

Visit and like our facebook page and share to your friends and family.
Create messages/ Images with slogans, send to us for vetting and posting.
Follow our tweeter account, create tweet and share them after vetting through retweet.
Write articles/ blog for our website/ newsletter send these for editing to us.
Compile and send FAQs
Send SMS/ emails for fixing up appointments to your friends, family members etc.
Practice on PPT available on our website
Send us real incidents/ stories related to Organ donation happening nearby.

WEEK – 2 (Basic Execution and Networking week)

Repeat week 1 activities
Hold one to one meetings with friends/ Teachers/ Family members for explaining / Advocacy, making volunteers for programme (at least 2 meetings a day).
Contact Schools/ colleges for volunteering, NGO groups of schools/ colleges to jointly conduct the programme/ group meeting.
Get volunteer/ Interns signed up under the program.
Train the volunteers/ Interns enrolled and ask them to follow the activities of week 1 above.

WEEK – 3 (Execution and Leadership week)

Repeat week 2 activities
Monitor the progress of volunteers/ Intern you have enrolled.
Discuss their queries.
Go with them in their meetings
Prepare a lead chart
Contact few communities/ Institute/ corporates to set up an event for advocacy/presentation .

WEEK – 4 (Activity Organizing week)

Repeat week 3 activities.
Set up atleast 4 presentations in:
Institutions/ Corporates

WEEK – 5 (Report Submission week)

Can Continue week 4 activities
Submit your Final week details and report detailed of work done for Certificate.

NOTE: Submission of weekly report in the format is mandatory.