Ans. The Interested person may register their interest to work as Volunteer and areas of intended contributions. The Form is available at our website.
Ans. This Program is for families who have lost their sole breadwinner during Covid waves.
Ans. Considering the age, educational background, interests and capabilities, we will try to assist in arranging the appropriate trainings to one or more family members of the affected family to enable them to earn their livelihood.
Ans. By becoming Volunteer / Intern.
Ans. There is no minimum amount fixed for donation.
Ans. We will issue the appreciation letters to Volunteers and certificates to Interns.
Ans. The Program is open PAN India but in the first phase we are preferring to support families within 100 km radius of Delhi.
Ans. Raising Donations for Foundation, Identifying the needy families and spreading awareness about the program and in many other ways.
Ans. 90% and balance 10% is organization expenses. No Trustee is paid any remuneration/ reimbursed for any expenses.
Ans. Please visit Our Program section in our website.
Ans, Yes, u/s 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961.
Ans. NEFT, Demand Draft and Bank Transfers or through any other banking channel.
Ans. Most of the families contact us directly. The families are identified through our network, volunteers etc.
Ans. We verify various documents submitted by families including Death Certificate (if any), bank statements, Identification and address proofs. For further verification we visit the families to verify their genuineness.
Ans. We ascertain the various welfare schemes applicable to families and assist them in applying for the same by helping them in various paper work and other formalities required.
Ans. The Foundation is subjected to annual Audits. Besides You can always ask for details of beneficiaries (in strict confidence) and verify the various relevant documents of Foundation.
Ans. In the first phase we are aiming to help families staying in 100 Kms of Delhi, however if we receive any request for any family beyond this and details/ case is verifiable, we try to help.
Ans. We discuss with the family members and encourage and motivate them to come out from the current distress situation by pledging our support to them and advising them on various matters on case to case basis.
Ans. Non Perishable and as required by families from time to time only on requisition.
Ans. In case any family needs support beyond one year that will also be considered. We review the cases every three months and efforts required for their social upliftment as our motive is to assist them in reaching self-sustainable stage and become economically independent.