We are SAVRAM foundation – we serve humanity.

The main objectives of the foundation are to serve the human being at large without any discrimination to spread knowledge and awareness about organ donation.

As we are aware that we are fighting a pandemic and a lot of people have suffered due to covid and a lot of people have lost their lives.


Our Aim

Our aim is to support such families who have badly affected by corona.

To begin with, the families will be identified in a radius of 100 km from Delhi preferably those who are not provided any help by any NGO or not eligible / not able to get any governmental support.

These neighbourhoods / localities / families are being identified through the network and volunteers of SAVRAM foundation beginning from 1st June 2021.







SAVRAM foundation has initiated a program – life beyond to corona with SAVRAM to extend support to such a families in rehabilitation, so they can continue to live their lives of dignity.

The identified families will receive support under this initiative in the following forms:

  • One time upfront cash support up to Rs 25,000/-
  • Support in the medical and living expenses of family members specially family which have elderly members, pregnant women, newborn babies, terminally ill patients and others.

  • Support to continue education of the children in the family.

  • Assist in realising their rightful claims/ funds from banks / various authorities / insurance companies etc.

  • Educating the families and communities about various applicable governmental schemes for welfare of such families and helping them in getting registered for the same.


What we do

SAVRAM foundation intends to continue this initiative over a period at least 1 year that the families and individuals who do receive this support will have a fair amount of time re- establish their economic situation to a sustainable level.

How you can help

You can also help them in following ways to bring back smiles and good fortune to these families.

  • Volunteer for identifying such families / verifying genuineness of facts submitted by needy families.

  • Assist the eligible family members getting appropriate employment, through linking to opportunities,
  • Assist the families in paperwork, liaison etc. for the aforementioned assistance
  • You can donate essential household items to such families.
  • You can also donate mask and sanitizer to poor family.
  • Medication and food support
  • Provide monetary donations
  • Volunteer and provide general counselling

We want to help more families of covid victims. We are doing our best to help them.

If You are/ know someone who need help, You want to donate/ Volunteer with us Please contact us at:

Contact No : 9810077370, 9810193715

Email : info@savramfoundation.org Website : www.savramfoundation.org

Written by : Kritika | Date : 20 June 2021




Savram Foundation is a non-governmental organisation working towards creating awareness on organ donation and encouraging more people to donate. An estimated around 1.8 lakhs people suffer from renal failure every year, however the number of renal transplants done is only around 6000….An estimated 2 lac patients die of liver failure or liver cancer annually in India, about 10-15% of which can be saved with a timely liver transplant. Hence about 25-30 thousand liver transplants are needed annually in India but only about one thousand five hundred are being performed. Similarly about 50000 persons suffer from Heart failures annually but only about 10 to 15 heart transplants are performed every year in India. In case of Cornea, about 25000 transplants are done every year against a requirement of 1 lakh.

Savram Foundation works towards creating awareness and eradicate or eliminate any myths surrounding it. The organisation urges people to donate organs and save lives.


Currently the organisation is working towards providing for families who have lost their only bread earners due to covid 19. They are providing support in the medical and living expenses of the family members especially those which have elderly members, newborn babies, pregnant women, terminally ill patients and others. The organisation is providing for the education of the children, and is assisting one or more members of the family to find appropriate employment. They are educating the families, on the various government schemes for the welfare of such families and also helping them to register for them. They are also assisting family members in realising their rightful claims/funds from banks/ various authorities/insurance companies etc.

How to apply for volunteering or donation?

To apply for volunteering or for donation call; 9810077370 ; 9810193715 ; 9871453140; 7678362520 ; 9911846232
Or email : info@savramfoundation.org

How can the volunteers help?

Volunteers can help in identifying such families or verifying the genuineness of the documents submitted by the families. Assist the eligible families in getting appropriate employment by linking through opportunities. They can assist the families in paperwork, liaison etc. Provide general counselling and many more.

Written by;
Ayana Deb.


A person’s life cannot be measured in terms of money. If it could then at least it would not be static, but an arbitrary value assigned to someone’s existence is surely not a good measure for a value, though it could be compared to another life. Our senses and organs are what keep us alive and well to experience life, if one were to have these damaged or missing, life would not hold the same meaning it does to an ordinary individual.

What good would it be to someone who has all the riches in the world but cannot spend it?

What would you say if you were put in a position of an individual who cannot see, most certainly you’d want your sight back. What if you were put in a position in which you cannot experience life as you once had, due to some dysfunctional organ or an accident…Something that can be alleviated if a donor were to give his or her organ to you.

Take a few minutes to consider the above question of putting yourself in the shoes of someone who could have a ‘normal’ life if he had that crucial help, that piece of life given when it was needed.

At this point medical science has not yet reached such a stage that it can create completely functional organs, owing to the complexity of the human body and our limitation in understanding it presently. Organ donation has saved countless lives that would never had reached normalcy, though living normally is something most people take for granted.

You could be a social worker or an individual who wishes well for the society, or just a recluse who wants to wander the world and see all its wonders (or somewhere in the middle) but when the lights of life turn off then perhaps that warmth you had in you when you were alive could spark a light in someone else’s life.

Life is beautiful, live it fully and pass it on to others, Become proud Organ Donor, Register Today with SAVRAM Foundation.